Terms of use

Price includes:


  • Limited Liability Insurance
  • Full Coverage Insurance 
  • Unlimited kilometers
  • Car replacement
  • Paid Road Taxes 


Меthod of Payment


Cash or Card:



Rental term 


The standart rental period is 24 hours.

There will be a full day charge if the car is returned late without warning.

Cancelation policy requires 72 hours notice.

There will be a €50.00 fee if the cancelation policy is not met.


Terms of use


All renters and additional drivers must carry a valid driver license and ID upon arrival.

The minimum required age for car rental is 21.

Drivers under age of 23 will be charged additional fee of €6.00 per day

All renters need to have valid debit or credit card. We accept: (Visa, MasterCard,AMEX and Maestro).

All renters must leave €150.00 to €500.00 deposit at the time of renting: (Visa, MasterCard or Maestro)

Only authorised drivers by Carental LTD  can operate the vehicle.


Fuel Policy


Vehicles must be returned with the same amount of fuel as at the start of the rental to avoid refueling charges. There will be a fuel recharge fee of €10.00 if the vehicle is not returned with the same amount. Fuel surcharge of €1.50 per litter will apply.


Insurance Policy


All vehicles come with insurance coverage for theft and accident (TP and CDW).


The insurance does not cover the following: theft or damage on personal items, theft or damage of wipers, CD-player, antenna, tires, rim covers, car documents and keys, interior parts, license plate number or windshield, overheating of the engines, damages to the underbody of the vehicle. Damages caused by not using the correct fuel are also not covered by the insurance. Insurance does not apply when the vehicle is operated under alcohol or drug use. Insurance does not apply when the vehicle is operated from unauthorized driver and when the vehicle was used in off-road conditions. Excess amount of €800 per vehicle is due in case of total loss caused by accident or theft. All renters need to keep the car documents and keys in their possession at all time. Renter needs to return the car keys and documents upon car return, otherwise recovery fee of €250.00 per key or documents will apply. The renter is obligated to return the keys and the documents in case of total loss due to theft or accident, otherwise he is fully liable for the full amount of the vehicle purchased value. 


Additional Insurance Policy


This type of insurance is optional and has additional cost of €5.99 to €8.99 per day. Includes: Free road side assistance in case of accidents or theft. Free car replacement in case of theft or accident. No administration fees in case of theft or accident. No liability in case of damage, antenna, tires, rim covers or windshield and other small dents and scratches. The additional insurance covers total of up to €210.00 in case of damages or theft of the vehicle. The insurance does not cover any damages of the underside or interior of the vehicle. The insurance does not cover loss of documents and keys. The additional insurance does not apply if the car is driven under alcohol or drug influence and without proper document stating the accident


Rent extension


If customer decide to extend the rental period without previous notice, Carental Ltd have the right to replace the vehicle with higher or lower class automobile and keeps the rate of the rental or raise it. Carental Ltd can charge the customer for vehicle cleaning for the amount of 10.00 euro. 


Tickets and Fees


Customer is responsible for all fines and fees during the rental period. Driving under influence is prohibited. If car documents or plates are taken from the police due to driving under influence,Carental Ltd will fine the customer €30.00 per day opportunity cost fee, until the car is eligible for use again.


Fines and Fees 


Smoking in the vehicle is not allowed. There will be €150.00 cleaning fee in case of smoking in the vehicle.

The driver is fully responsible for any fines or fees when breaking the law. Carental LTD has administrative of €20.00 for any fines or fees


Driving outside of the country


There is a €50.00 additional charge for travel outside of the country for one border and €20.00 for each consecutive border.