Car Rental and driving in Bulgaria

Car Rental and driving in Bulgaria


Renting a car in Sofia,Bulgaria is very popular among foreign visitors.

However, when tourists drive a car rental in Bulgaria they should keep an eye on several important things:

Driving speed in Bulgaria depends on the class of the road. When you drive in populated areas, the allowed driving speed is 50 km/h. Outside of the populated areas, the allowed speed is 90 km/h; and when you drive on the freeway the speed limit is 140 km/h.

Roads in Bulgaria are another important factor that need to be taken under consideration of while driving.

Most of the main roads in the country are rehabilitated and regularly maintained, but they are far from perfect, and sometimes they could be unsafe if you don’t pay attention.

In the large cities like Sofia, Burgas, Varna and Plovdiv, highways and main roads are in good condition, but in other populated areas, as smaller towns and villages, are not fixed and there is a higher chance of breaking your car while driving.

Driving rules and law enforcement

In Bulgaria, laws for seat belts, cellphones and speeding are highly enforced and you will get a ticket if not strictly followed. The price of the speeding ticket for going over the limit with 50 km/h is 100 euro.

Always put your seat belt on, not just because of the police enforcement, but most importantly because of your safety and the safety of your family.

The key of safe driving is to go with normal speed and pay more attention on the road, because driving conditions in the country differ from place to place.